Win the hearts of your visitors and clients

Decorate your spaces with striking 3D sculptures awash with colour and light

What are 3D removable sculptures in printed fabric like?

Peqpeq revolutionizes the market of decoration of public and leisure spaces with its new removable decoration system.

Both its standard themed decoration range, available in three sizes, and its large format customized projects have three essential aspects in common that make this product unique in the market:

Lightweight: Thanks to the design of its novel patented structure, we realize any type of decorative element with 3D volume, achieving large volumes with very little weight.

Easy assembly and disassembly: One of the key points of the Peqpeq removable decoration is the simplicity of the assembly and disassembly process. From the very beginning, Peqpeq's premise was that the customer would have it easy when assembling or disassembling the decoration. For this reason, both in the standard option and in the customized projects, these processes are fast and comfortable.

Ease of storage and transport: The product, however large it is once assembled, takes up very little space and is very light, which makes it easy to store when not in use, as well as to transport in compact packages for shipping.

The perfect solution for dynamic and constantly evolving projects!

Decorate your space with flashes of magic and happiness.

Themed Products

Buy a ready-to-assemble product!

We design dismountable 3D sculptures to decorate spaces and large commercial areas. We upload our products to an online catalogue where you can choose which products you want to buy. In one week, receive them to your address and start assembling!

Custom-made Products

Convert your idea into reality!

Imagine what your clients need, find a unique and original idea to cover their event or advertising campaign. Count on us to transform that idea into large-scale, dismountable, 3D sculptures.

Turn each step into a visual delight that wins hearts.

Why choose us?

Currently, in the market there exist only the traditional suppliers of heavy steel or resin structures which occupy a large amount of space. These are difficult products to transport and store and carry the associated costs for distribution and logistics.

At Peqpeq, we are unique in the market.

We solve the problems of transport and storage with lightweight, 3D structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble and have a removable printed fabric exterior.

An oasis of beauty, color and charm.

A special occasion is coming up and you’d like to decorate your space…

Take a look through our catalogue, and select the dismountable sculpture that you would like to buy. We receive your order and deliver in a small and light package

You receive the pieces in 3D and the Instruction Manual, taken from the box. It is recommended to keep hold of the box for later use in storing the dismounted sculpture.

Take the pieces and organise them according to the instructions so that you yourself can assemble the sculptures directly in their final position.It´s very simple!

Display the figure for as long as you need and disassemble it when finished. Do the disassembly yourself, following the instructions.

  1. Repasas nuestro catálogo a través de nuestra web o mediante .pdf que
    nuestro equipo comercial te ha entregado personalmente, y seleccionas la figura
    desmontable que deseas comprar.
  2. Recibimos tu pedido y preparamos el diseño elegido en una caja pequeña y ligera.
    Luego, hacemos el envío en la dirección que desees.
  3. Recibes las piezas en 3D, extraes de la caja, coges el Manual de Instrucciones y
    almacenar la caja para el momento de desmontar.
  4. Coges las piezas, las organizas y sigue las instrucciones para que tú mismo puedas
    montar directamente en el espacio final.
    ➔ El montaje es muy simple. Empieza por la estructura y luego enfunda la tela
    impresa. El sistema de iluminación ya se encuentra integrado en la estructura.
  5. Exhibe la figura el tiempo que necesites y desmóntala cuando finalice.
  6. Realiza el desmontaje tú mismo, siguiendo las instrucciones. Pon en la caja almacenada
    y reserva para el año siguiente. Sólo necesitas poco espacio.

Create a warm and festive atmosphere with objects and figures that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We are international producers to decorate commercial surfaces, public spaces and hotels.

We offer dismountable 3D objects and figures made with printed fabric.

The structure is designed so that, following the simple instructions provided, both assembly and disassembly are quick and easy.

Each product is equipped with an internal LED lighting system, with IP67 protection (suitable for use outdoors), which achieves a fantastic backlit effect on the sculptures, enhancing the colours and creating a spectacular and striking effect. The outer layer of each decorative sculpture is made of printed outdoor fabric which is. waterproof, UV resistant and washable, to keep the colours vivid and long-lasting.

Thanks to its zipper system, it is easily removable for cleaning.

It has a heavy metal base, which is fixed to the sculpture, to prevent it from moving.

The deadline for us to send the order that you have purchased from the catalogue is one week.

Assembly is very simple and fast. Our products are made so that you can quickly assemble and disassemble following instructions. However, if you need a team of professionals for the installation, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Yes, of course. You can also make a bank transfer, if you prefer.

Of course! We can reproduce any of our sculptures with the same system on a large scale.

Yes, our products are made with durable materials for continued use, as long as the care instructions and conditions of use marked by the manufacturer are followed.

No, there is no problem, you can decorate any space, both indoors and outdoors. Our products are prepared to remain outdoors.

Yes, of course. You can customise all your designs.

In our catalogue you find designs with standardised sizes. For this reason, you can choose the sizes S, M, L, XL.
However, you can customise the size and choose a design according to your desires and do it on a large scale.

Remember that happiness is found in the warmth of the simplest gestures.


Contact us for more information about the services or products we offer.

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