Themed Products

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Enjoy our wide catalog of detachable 3D figures, with themes for the whole year. Perfect for decorating public spaces, events and large commercial areas on every occasion.

All products are available in three sizes S, M and L.
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A multitude of light-filled sculptures, which create a magical atmosphere.

Take a journey into the wonderful world of 3D printed fabric sculptures!

Today, decorating your space is not optional. Attractive, quality and personalized interior design highlight your offer and give your brand notoriety.

Keeping in mind the various popular themes, we have designed a wide catalog of 3D products with modern lighting techniques and colorful and durable printed fabric finishes, to ensure that every season of the year offers a memorable experience.

We can decorate commercial spaces, hotels, cruise ships, festivals, exhibitions, fairs and themed events, parks or public squares, theatrical shows, among others...

Choose the space you want to decorate, and choose the product in three available sizes S, M and L.

How do you want to decorate your space?

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Valentine’s Day

Celebrate the day of love!
In the gift of loving and being loved, is the essence of humanity and the force that drives to build a world full of compassion, empathy and shared joy.

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Inspire peace and goodness to those around you!
May the joy of this season allow hope and promises of new beginnings to be reborn.

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Give beauty!
Just as flowers bloom in spring, so do dreams. Nurture an environment that inspires beauty and passion to flourish the reality that each one dreams of, full of light and colour.

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Embrace the summer!
The summer months awaken joy and vitality. Promote a space that remembers these special days and inspires to enjoy and live every moment to the fullest.

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Halloween night inspires an atmosphere filled with haunted laughter and haunted dreams.
Celebrate imagination with decorative elements and create a playful atmosphere, with a touch of the supernatural and mysterious!

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In the embrace of autumn, the leaves dance to the beat of the wind, weaving a symphony of colours that transforms the landscape with golden brushstrokes.
Transform your space with that subtle and ephemeral beauty that nature provides!

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Winter evokes the fireplace, a hot chocolate or a snowman with the family. Also the need to be covered, at home.
¡Regala un refugio de cálida acogida!. Para que, cada mañana fría, sea el resguardo que permita descubrir la belleza de la quietud y la oportunidad de crecer desde adentro.

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Oktoberfest is an iconic celebration that honours German culture and cultural diversity. Let the festive spirit engulf you with excitement and encourage social interaction and a community experience where the beer flows like a river of gold.

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Day of the Dead

It is believed that in every flower that blooms and in every candle that is lit, it honours with love and gratitude those who went ahead on the path. On the Day of the Dead, remember that their memories live in our hearts and their light illuminates our path. Make this day special!

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Christmas symbolises hope, peace, love and unity. It is also an occasion to share with the family and to reflect on the year that is ending and to renew hopes and resolutions for the future.

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New Year

The New Year is the transition that leaves behind the year that ends to welcome a new stage, full of opportunities and possibilities. It represents renewal, hope and balance.

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Customised products

Personalised products are works of art, created with love and attention to every detail, carrying with them the magic of uniqueness and the joy of knowing that they were made especially for you.


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