Winter evokes the fireplace, a hot chocolate or a snowman with the family. Also the need to be covered, at home.

¡Regala un refugio de cálida acogida!. Para que, cada mañana fría, sea el resguardo que permita descubrir la belleza de la quietud y la oportunidad de crecer desde adentro.

Pingüino Majestuoso

La escultura «Pingüino Majestuoso» representa un pingüino emperador, una de las especies más grandes y emblemáticas de los pingüinos.

Copo de Nieve

El copo de nieve está cubierto con una tela impresa que muestra intrincados y delicados diseños en forma de copo de nieve en una variedad de colores suaves y brillantes, como blanco, azul y plateado. Adorno encantador para decorar cualquier espacio durante las festividades navideñas y el invierno.

Muñeco de Nieve

El muñeco de nieve está cubierto con una tela impresa que muestra un diseño festivo y colorido, con detalles en relieve que resaltan los botones, la bufanda y el sombrero. Los colores utilizados incluyen tonos brillantes como blanco, azul y naranja, que capturan la esencia juguetona y acogedora de un muñeco de nieve tradicional.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Somos proveedores a nivel mundial de productos en 3D para decorar superficies

Hacemos esculturas desmontables en tela impresa.

The structure is designed so that, following the simple instructions provided, both assembly and disassembly are quick and easy.

Each product is equipped with an internal LED lighting system, with IP67 protection (suitable for use outdoors), which achieves a fantastic backlit effect on the sculptures, enhancing the colours and creating a spectacular and striking effect. The outer layer of each decorative sculpture is made of printed outdoor fabric which is. waterproof, UV resistant and washable, to keep the colours vivid and long-lasting.

Thanks to its zipper system, it is easily removable for cleaning.

It has a heavy metal base, which is fixed to the sculpture, to prevent it from moving.

The deadline for us to send the order that you have purchased from the catalogue is one week.

Assembly is very simple and fast. Our products are made so that you can quickly assemble and disassemble following instructions. However, if you need a team of professionals for the installation, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Yes, of course. You can also make a bank transfer, if you prefer.

Of course! We can reproduce any of our sculptures with the same system on a large scale.

Yes, our products are made with durable materials for continued use, as long as the care instructions and conditions of use marked by the manufacturer are followed.

No, there is no problem, you can decorate any space, both indoors and outdoors. Our products are prepared to remain outdoors.

Yes, of course. You can customise all your designs.

In our catalogue you find designs with standardised sizes. For this reason, you can choose the sizes S, M, L, XL.
However, you can customise the size and choose a design according to your desires and do it on a large scale.

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